About Chuck & George

On a cold November day in 1990 “Chuck & George“ were born on a cracker.

While having lunch at Jim’s Diner, UNT art students Brian K Jones & Brian K Scott sat at a table and painted each others portraits on saltines. They then declared themselves “Chuck & George”. Though inspired by longtime art collaborators “Gilbert & George”, the pseudonym was derived by the pairing of each artist’s existing imaginary muses.

The time is now and Chuck & George are still sitting at the table with the past and the present, having a chat, eating magic cookies, drinking, playing a game, cheating at that game, saying one thing and hearing another. As with a lot of our collaborations we gain inspiration from our loved ones, toys, literature, music, movies and TV shows. 80’s pop songs are often inspiration because like Ziggy they have always asked the big questions. And yes, love is a battlefield.