About Heyd

My studio practice over the last 30+ years encompasses installation, video, social practice, as well as painting and a predominance of drawing. I am most recognized for my stylized portraits of unclothed subjects. My approach to working with the figure stresses the importance that the subject be given their due as a whole person, with intellectual and emotional character and not simply objectified.

Most recently I’ve endeavored to propagate a temporary arts space called The Lodge of Saint Reborlaro, both in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2019 and San Antonio, Texas in 2020. “The Lodge” functions as a community gathering space and a performance platform. It is worth noting that “St Reborlaro” is “Oral Roberts” backward – and aptly named as our mission is the antithesis the missionary, fundamentalist church which was a neighbor to our space in Tulsa. We operate under the tenets of “Community, Mental Wellness & Spirituality” and do not promote dogma. As curator, I rely on the community to supply ideas for broader and more inclusive programming. Activities ranges from surrealist writing and drawing workshops to literary readings to guided meditations. I encourage unproven theories, challenging content and taboo subjects whenever possible.