Jeff Gibbons

About Jeff

Jeff Gibbons (b. Detroit, 1982) is an installation artist, sculptor, painter, musician, writer, film maker, curator, producer, choreographer, and often collaborator, living and working in Dallas, Texas. He earned an MFA in Intermedia art from University of Texas in Arlington, and a BFA in ceramics from University of Tampa. Notable exhibitions include, The Nasher Sculpture Center, The Power Station, Conduit Gallery, The Goss-Michael Foundation, the Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, CentralTrak Gallery, 1-800-789-2228, Le Sud Bébé in Marseille, France, BeefHaus Gallery, Epitome Institute, Oliver Francis Gallery, galleryHOMELAND, Red Arrow Contemporary, the Majestic Theater in Dallas, and the Texas Theater. Some recent collaborations include The Birds with Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet, Grubnik and Suzanne with Gregory Ruppe, Lazer Tag with Jesse Morgan Barnett, and Apophenia Underground with Justin Ginsberg. Select group shows include the Dallas Biennial, the Texas Biennial, and the Dallas/Austin/Houston Art Fairs. Select international exhibitions include Cerámica Suro (Guadalajara, Mexico), KoncertKirken (Copenhagen, Denmark), the Berlin Becher Triennial (Berlin, Germany), Réunion Gallery (Zürich, Switzerland), and Hiroshima Art Center (Hiroshima, Japan). He co-created the art space Culture Hole with Gregory Ruppe in 2016, and co-created the exhibition series Deep Ellum Windows with Justin Ginsberg in 2012. In 2018, he participated in the DASER lecture and panel series at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. presenting on the topic of ice. He was the inaugural artist in residence for Proximidad in Guadalajara/Dallas through the Power Station in 2017, an artist in residence at the Goss-Michael Foundation in 2015, and at CentralTrak’s International Artist Residency in 2014. Recent awards include The Dallas Museum of Art: Art Ball Prize, a Special Support Grant from the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, a Nasher Sculpture Museum Micro-grant, and the Dallas Observer 2015 Mastermind Award, and both Culture Hole and Deep Ellum Windows were named best art spaces/projects by D magazine. In 2020, Gibbons has been awarded a Vermont Studio Residency and an Achterhaus Residency in Berlin, Germany.