About Mack

In participation with FotoFest Biennial 2020 Front Gallery presents the work of Mack Magagane in his first US solo show Residual.

Born in 1990 in Soweto, South Africa, Magagane lives and works in Johannesburg. He is a graduate of the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg (2010), which is where he formed many of the ideas he continues to explore to this day. His work points to truths that exist beyond what is contained within the frame of the photograph. He seeks to construct narratives about the realities of urban living—more specifically the realities of life in Johannesburg.

Through his camera lens, simple encounters with the city of Johannesburg become subjective, intimate, and almost surreal.

The exhibition Residual at Front Gallery presents a sampling from five different photographic series that span five years of Magagane’s work.
He says:

I’m fascinated by the rapid infrastructural, social, economic, and political change within Johannesburg—how all these variables bleed into one and are dependent on each other.