About Scott

Scott is a Fort Worth-based artist and web designer. He has shown in various local shows, and his work can be seen at the Marriott Houston, the offices of Holt Lunsford, and a number of private collections that are not his mom’s refrigerator.

He lives and works in Fort Worth with his amazing wife and daughters, three cats (currently) and one dog (currently), and too many fish to count (currently).

The “Best Laid Plans” series is made from plans, schematics, blueprints, sketches and scribbled fever dreams. Sometimes they are internally thematic—sometimes not.

The idea is that, despite our many plans and ideas, things still go wrong. Buildings crumble, wars happen, chaos, accidents. Life.

Along with the actual buildings, the plans themselves crumble, fade, get folded, forgotten, stained, and torn.

Like the resulting structures and events, the plans themselves are sometimes sweetly naive. Other times, they stand against time and endure. And just as often,  the passage of time imparts its own influence and aura—improving on, elevating and validating the plans.